About us

Hi, Frog and Freckles here. We come from France and the UK respectively, but the story started in Paris where we met on a rainy Saturday morning. Since then we’ve found a common passion for exploring new places.

Many people ask us how we can afford to travel so much.  Besides working full-time jobs, the answer is travelling smart. We set up this blog to share our tips, tell our stories and find ways to spend less and travel more!

Don’t expect any mindful quotes from us and we certainly won’t be ‘inspiring you to travel’. We’re just here to tell you about our adventures so you can take away as little or as much as you like. If there is one thing we have learnt from travelling, it’s that you shouldn’t believe what you read elsewhere and anything is possible with a bit of determination.

Rather, we hope that this blog will become a place where our readers also share their stories, and ultimately, we would really like to learn from you too!

About Frog

Frog is the adventurous one in the couple. He’s the one you’re likely to find diving off a cliff, doing a bungee jump or planning his next sky dive. It’s mainly his fault thanks to him that we end up partaking in more unusual activities like camping in a field of sheep or illegally driving a boat around Venice.

When we’re not exploring, Frog works as an aircraft mechanic for an American company that gained its fame in Castaway. Unfortunately he doesn’t get to spend much time helping Tom Hanks hold parcels and care for Wilson, but he does get to peel the odd dead bird off an engine.

About Freckles

Freckles is the main voice behind the blog and the one that takes care of the practical side of travelling. When she’s not researching nifty money-saving tips for our next trip, she might be found cooking up a storm (or a disaster) in the kitchen.

With a career in Content Marketing for a French online advertising company, Freckles felt the need to write about something more personal and adventurous in her spare time – thus the creation of this blog.

Oh goody, you made it this far!

Want to get in touch? We would love that! You can contact us here or join us on Twitter and Instagram.