Tried and tested: The best places to eat and drink in Brussels

After days of exploring Brussels’ highlights, we were keen to sink our teeth into some traditional Belgian food (and a few craft beers!) in the evening. For this particular trip, we took advantage of our AirBnb host’s advice and spent a lot of time eating and drinking in the Saint-Gilles neighbourhood, right next to our accommodation. We also had a look in the city centre, but the restaurants just seemed crammed with tourists and were significantly more expensive than in the residential areas.

We definitely didn’t regret staying in Saint-Gilles in the evening, but we did find a couple of gems in the centre too:

Moeder Lambic – The best place for beer in Brussels

We had some of the best beers at Moeder Lambic in Brussels. They have a second location in Saint-Gilles, but we preferred the one in the centre! Choose from over 40 different beers on tap or from the brews of the day on the blackboard. They also serve platters here, which are ideal to share for lunch.


A cosy atmosphere La Belladone

Although there is less choice than at Moeder Lambic, La Belladone does have a more cosy and local feel. We went there once because it was close to our accommodation, but unsure that we would go there especially. It is worth going if you’re in Saint-Gilles!


Homemade Belgian food at The Waterloo

A recommendation from our host, The Waterloo serves simple yet tasty dishes. We were the only non-locals in there and the only reason we didn’t eat there on our second night was because it goes against our ‘try something new’ policy 😉 .

Local meats and cheeses at The Monk

Located right next to Place Sainte-Catherine, The Monk serves a wide variety of beers and a huge choice of meats and cheeses that are great for lunch. We got a typical Belgian dried sausage and a piece of the cheese with walnuts to eat with bread. It was a great, cheap pit stop.


We were in Brussels for just the weekend so we only sampled a few select bars and restaurants. We also spent one day in Ghent, where we had the best beef stew on this earth (head to the article to find out more!).

Got some good addresses for eating and drinking in Brussels? Share them in the comments!


  1. I’m going to Brussels in November and will be sure to check out The Waterloo! Always love trying local food.


    • Frog and Freckles

      Hi Giana,

      We are so pleased that you found our post useful 🙂 Have a great time in Brussels!

      Frog and Freckles

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